Browse Month: November 2014

Who doesn’t love thumbholes??

I’m I’ll admit it, when they first started popping up on tops I thought it was silly.  Now that I have a few things myself, I have a new outlook… what better way to keep your hands warm on a steering wheel in the winter?  Cause lets be real, who can always find matching gloves when your running out in the morning?

Somewhere along the way my daughter decided she needed something with thumbholes and we bought a jacket that had them.  Now she’s obsessed!

Luckily for me, this is a simple addition to any pattern you might already be using 🙂

First cut your cuff pieces out.  I would suggest making them a bit longer than what your normal pattern may call for.  This one here will make a 4″ cuff after its finished and it was perfect.

Fold your fabric right side together and find the middle, in my picture here its at the 4″ mark.  Then I made a small mark 1″ from the middle in each direction, then another 1.5″ from that.  These are your starting and stopping points when you stitch.

Starting at one end, stitch to first dot (being sure to backstitch when you get there) then start stitching at the 2nd dot and stitch until you get to the 3rd (again, backstitching at the start and stop).  Leave the next space open and starting at the 4th dot, stitch to the end of your fabric.  Should look like this when your finished.

Press the seam open and fold the cuff in half, wrong sides together.   This part I will admit is just a bit tricky since we’re working with a small piece but its completely do-able.  You will want to just hold the fabric back out of the way as you are stitching.  We’re going to stitch box around the open hole, staying nice and close to the edge.

It should look just like this when you are finished

Now just insert it into your sleeve and attach as you would normally.  Just be sure to match up the seam on the cuff with the seam on the sleeve.  

Voila!! Happy girl!!

This is a free hoodie pattern from Brindille and Twig (you can get it here-  Such a quick sew, definitely check it out!