Browse Month: January 2015

A new year…. (and finally my resolution)

I think I say this each time I sit down to write, that I’m going to do better, post more often, share more fun stuff, yet it always seems that life gets in the way.  Well, its a new year (and since its still January for a few more hours, i’m safe to say that, haha!)

As I looked over the last few years and I see how much Beri Bee has grown and how I have grown, as a sewer of course, but also as a mom and wife, I think of all the things I should have been sharing.  And how much my kids (yes since there’s 2 now) are changing and how what they need and want drives so much of what I love to do.

So here is my resolution this year… to post at least ONE time a week.  There, its in writing, that makes it official right?  So for the next year (I mean really if I can make it a year I should be able to keep going) you will get a glimpse into the life of Beri Bee… my projects, my kids, and really anything else that might be happening 🙂