Want to help me share a gift???

So besides the everyday things that you miss when you don’t have family nearby, I REALLY miss holidays.  Which also means BIRTHDAYS!!  Birthdays were always a big deal at my house growing up.  Even as we became adults my parents were sure to have a cake and a mini party for us.  There’s always been phone calls, and cards but that just isn’t the same.  Especially when you THE BEST gift to give! (well I think its the best at least, but I could be a tad partial)

A few weeks ago I commented on a pattern for a wallet and not 2 minutes later I had a text from my youngest sister that said “Feel free to make me one of those Della wallet clutches”.  So since then she’s been watching my every move… I posted something that wasn’t a wallet and she notices, can’t sneak anything by this one apparently.

So I thought it would be best to 1) call her out on it (cause that is what big sisters do right?) and 2) give her her gift in front of a crowd 🙂


(its not a proper birthday post without an embarrassing picture, right?? She’s the one in the middle…)

Ok, all together now…..



Hope you enjoy your wallet, it’s on the way 🙂



Pattern is the Della Wallet Clutch from Swoon Patterns.

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