Little Lizard King – Homegrown Tank Dress/ Blue Ribbon Dress Mashup!! (and tutorial)

With summer fast approaching my daughter asked me to make a few dresses for her with strappy tanks, easy enough right?  Well, the catch is that she also wanted ONLY knit used and there hasn’t been a pattern released that was what she wanted so I decided to mashup a few to make it just right.  I’m sharing with everyone today since it seems this style has been a trend lately, and what little girl doesn’t want a new dress??


So I mentioned this was using a few Little Lizard King patterns, the Homegrown Tank and the Blue Ribbon, you can find both here.

This is pretty simple – let’s start with the bodice.  Your going to chose your size and follow the pattern directions as they are for the tank portion.

For the sash, you’ll move to the Blue Ribbon pattern and use the same size you cut out for the bodice and use the measurements for the KNIT sash.   You will sew the short ends, right side together to make a tube, then fold wrong sides together and press.  You should end up with a sash that is about an inch less than the width of your bodice.  (EDIT – I added a little clarification on the sash HERE)


For the knit skirt, lets go back to the Homegrown Tank pattern.  We’re going to use the same length that is indicated but for the width of each piece, take the width of your finished bodice (just laid flat) and multiple 2.5.  (for example a size 7 is 13″ so i’ll be cutting 2 pieces 32.5″ long)  NOTE: This will not change on the larger sizes, you will still only cut 2 pieces.

ALSO because knit is so much wider than a woven its very possible to cut this piece as ONE on the fold, which is what I normally do.  Just be sure to make a mark or pin at the fold for when you gather and attach.

Make a tube with your skirt piece(s) (so down one side seam if you cut on the fold, 2 if you didn’t) and then gather the skirt.  I love using elastic in my bobbin when I gather for this.  I like that it preserves the stretch at the waist without having to pull out your gathering stitch PLUS it gives it a nice recovery.


Take your sash and line up your side seams with the side seams on the skirt (or with the mark you made if you only have 1 side seam).  Turn the tank inside out and put the gathered skirt inside the tank with right sides together, sandwiching the sash between the bodice and skirt.   I personally prefer to do it this way so that while I serge the gathers are facing up.  This lets me keep an eye on them so they don’t bunch up funny anywhere while i’m attaching.


Attach the skirt to the bodice then turn right side out and VIOLA!

Little Lizard King was nice enough to provide BOTH patterns for me to give away to one lucky reader!!  Enter below!

Check out the followup to this post here – with quick modification to really make your dress stand out –


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Patterns were altered and this tutorial published with permission from Little Lizard King.


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