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Lil Luxe Collection Sew ‘n Style – “Second Grade Cool”

Finally!!  After the last few weeks of chaos,  between my pneumonia, Ry not feeling well, and an SD card that got deleted (after our original photo shoot)  HERE IT IS….

So the challenge was simple “Create a three piece mini collection with a clear theme”.  Ry and I went to the drawing board (aka – Pinterest) and found this gorgeous color collection for inspiration –


Now a theme… as she is getting older, its been more challenging to sew things for her that she will wear on an everyday basis.  She’s come home mentioning that kids make fun of stuff that I make (which is heartbreaking) and so we decided to put together a mini capsule wardrobe of things that were all “Second Grade Cool” .  Things that she felt comfortable wearing to school, that really fit with a style she likes and let her feel fashionable (even in mom-made clothes).


Geez, is it wrong that I admit i’m a tad jealous of her collection??  Why can’t I make myself this put together? hahaha!!!  With so many mix and match options, this gives us lots of argument free mornings!

Here’s a closer look at our lineup –

Lil Luxe Charming Tee and Haute Shorts | Jennuine Designs Moto Jacket

Lil Luxe Haute Shorts | LouBee Clothing Bimaa Sweater
So in love with how the Slim Trousers turned out.  Still a little sad that we missed adding the zippers but I guess that’s what I get for not double checking that I was buying matching zippers when I got them.

Lil Luxe Slim Trousers and Charming Tee

Lil Luxe Charming Tee

Lil Luxe Charming Tee

Lil Luxe Slim Trousers | LouBee Bimaa

Lil Luxe Peek A Boo Hoodie and Slim Trousers

Thumbholes make any sweater better!!

Lil Luxe Peek A Boo Hoodie
Read more about the Sew ’n Style Series  and visit the contest page with Link up  where we have contest prizes totaling over $350 from our gracious sponsors.


Tuesday Tutorial – I almost gave up…

As you can see its now the week hours of the morning on Wednesday, not Tuesday, but I refuse to let this go unposted, haha!  I have been battling with technology all day, working to make this video, editing, clipping, uploading and finally it can be shared.   I admit, earlier tonight when I repeatedly got an “upload failed” I thought for a moment, “it’s just not meant to be seen”.

BUT… Here it is!!!

I’ve seen comments pop up lately in a few different social media groups about how necklines seem to cause grief to some sewists and yet look amazing on others.   When a garment is laid out or hanging on display, it’s one of the firsts things that may catch the eye if it’s off, but rarely goes noticed when it looks great.   It is part of the construction that sometimes has a learning curve, and should definitely get easier with practice.   My hope is that this video gives a few pointers to help you improve your technique, and put you in the path to wave-free, even necklines everytime!

This is the Skipper Top from Sew Much Ado.  Such a quick sew.  Easy to follow directions and super cute on!  My daughter was a huge fan!

Making Friends, One Competitor at a Time – Top Stitchers Interview

I am thrilled to be joining in this season’s Top Stitcher’s competition. The last few season’s I’ve followed along and picked my favorite outfits, in awe of the talent that had been rounded up to participate.  So can you imagine my excitement when Becca said I could play along this time!?  YAY!!   I’ve already been burning the creative fire to come up with some ideas for our Hacker prompt – KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS that is scheduled for October 27th.


While you’re waiting patiently to see what I can pull together I wanted to introduce you to my competition.  Now keep in mind, its really not about beating her, she’s not the enemy, haha!  For me, especially my first time, it is all about pushing myself to meet the challenge!  Its such a friendly competition that for our interview we even decided to video chat for part of our interview.  Now amidst the technical problems I was having with my microphone at first we had a great chat, it was like calling an old friend.  I was so excited to be chatting with her that I was only making quick notes while we chatted Oops! That doesn’t help for an interview does it? haha

Meet Maegen from Mae & K

Maegen has been sewing for about 3 years, although she learned at a very young age she didn’t start sewing seriously until after she had kids.  She has 2 boys, a 4 year old who was lucky enough to be her subject for last season’s competition and an almost 2 year old that she will be sewing for this season.   She enjoys sewing for herself when she gets time but generally her efforts are focused on her boys.   When I asked her about how she felt hacking she said its new territory for her.  Upcycling is really more her passion, what better way to stretch a few dollars than to reuse items for fabric?  (see I told you we had lots in common!)  She loves joining in the Top Stitcher fun because it pushes her outside her normal box.

Aren’t her little guys the cutest??


We finished up our chat in some messages so I do have a bit to share –

Do you have a designer that’s sort of your go to? I know it’s hard to pick favorites lol
I can’t really name a certain designer… I have my favorite patterns though. EBTKS Henley, Omni Tempore, Knight Hoodie to name a few

Do you use any other platforms besides your blog page? Instagram or have you tried any of the new things like periscope?
I use Instagram the most. I have twitter, but it’s mostly reposts from Facebook, blog, IG.  I downloaded periscope, but I don’t really get it. I don’t know who would want to watch a live feed of the chaos at my house.

How did you choose your blog name?  
I asked my sister-in-law if she wanted to blog with me. I was moving off blogger as Foster Ramblings and I wanted a new name and someone to help fill in the blog. We came up with Mae & K, I’m Mae (to my high school friends) and she’s K. What motivated us to pick that was mostly getting to use an ampersand.  Karen is a nurse though, and doesn’t have nearly as much time for crafting and blogging as she thought she would.  So it’s mostly just me.
What would you say is your next goal for your blog or something you’d like to accomplish?
My biggest goals right now involve content. Making tutorials or pattern reviews that will be helpful to readers.
Be sure to check out her blog, she has tons of great stuff to share, including highlighting free patterns on Fridays!!   And don’t miss Season 3 of Top Stitchers, its going to be pretty epic!!

A New Pattern Designer and A Late Tutorial – The Pocket Full of Posies Skirt


So this was scheduled for yesterday but it never posted… SO here we are again, with a late Tuesday Tutorial.  I am so excited to share this one with you though because its for a brand new pattern from a new designer.  Meet Elliedactyl.  Annelise has been in the sewing world for quite some time and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few sew-alongs with her in the Backstitch Back Room.  Now she’s venturing off on her own and she has nailed it with this first pattern.


The Pocket Full of Posies is a knit skirt with 2 HUGE side pockets… what girl doesn’t have a million things to carry around with her?  I mean i’m ready for this in my size even!

I wanted to share with you today how you can take some old t-shirts and recycle them to use for the pockets.  This is perfect for a school spirit skirt like i’m showing here, or even a camp shirt, special group or just that tee that you can’t bear to part with from your younger days.  Your possibilities are endless.


The easiest way to get the best use from your shirt is open it up from the back.  This gives you the widest possible piece of fabric and helps eliminate having to piece anything together.   You will want to cut straight up the back, and across both shoulder seams so that it opens up flat like the picture below.

After you have it laid out, you take  your pattern piece and lay it out so that your graphic is centered and cut it out just like you would traditional fabric.


Once your pieces are cut just follow the pattern directions as written for a game stopping skirt!


Tuesday Tutorial … or maybe not

So I know I owe you all a tutorial today BUT I’m going to make you wait just one more day….

I do have one all written up and ready to post but it won’t be posted here.  Which brings me to what I do want to share today.  I so excited to let you all know I’m going to be guest blogging over on the UpCraftClub Blog about 1-2 times a month.  Sometimes just sharing a cool pattern they offer, maybe a tutorial, or other inspiration that I think you all might like.   Want a hint for what you can find there tomorrow???


Not familiar with UpCraft Club?  You should check it out, give it a test drive so to speak, your first pattern (or class) will be FREE!!  After that if you decide to continue being a member you will get lots of other perks, including a free pattern/class of your choice every month.

And while you’re there be on the lookout for this week’s Tuesday Tutorial (on Wednesday, haha!)

(PS… this does contain my affiliate link with UpCraft.  I appreciate your support in helping keep my site up and running so I can continue to share with all of you!!)

Tuesday Tutorial – How to Make a V-neck

I’ve decided that i’m officially designating Tuesdays for tutorials.  I’ll do my best to share something every week, maybe something from me or maybe something I tried and loved.

So today we are going to talk about v-necks.  I’m not sure why but it doesn’t seem like many kids patterns offer a v-neck option.  I think its a nice addition to the wardrobe and it adds a little variety especially when  you can use any pattern you might have already and make a small adjustment.


1) Cut out your the front piece for whatever pattern you want to use. (I’m using the Tummy Topper from Burlap Button)
2) Starting at the corner of the shoulder, use a straight edge to cut a line from the shoulder to approximately 1.5-2″ from the original neckline. (this can vary on personal preference)
3) Stitch along the newly formed v about 1″ up each side 1/4″ from the edge.
4) Make a small snip being careful not to cut through the stitches you just made.

vneck 1

5) Stitch the shoulders seams and then fold right sides together so the shoulder seams are matching. This is the easiest way to determine how long to cut the binding. I use an 85% rule on V-necks. So this is 20″ (10″x2) so i’m making the binding 17″
6) press the binding wrong sides together (long edges matching) and then match short ends and mark the middle. Also mark the middle of the back of the neck on the shirt.
7) Pin or clip the back center of the shirt to the middle of the binding to ensure its attaching evenly.
Starting with the binding extended about 3/4″ past the V, begin attaching the binding. I prefer to do this with my machine vs my serger and I normally use the triple stitch to allow stretch (#6 on my machine)


9) Stitch all the way around the neckline, stretching evenly.
10/11) Stop, leaving approx 1/2″ more than the width of the binding.
12) Flip the binding so that the right side is showing on the left and take the end from the right and tuck it into the gap that we left when you stopped stitching.

vneck 3

You may want to pin or clip now to hold that in place.
Start top-stitching (also using a stretch stitch) beginning at the center of the back, down both sides of the V, pivoting at the corner and back stitching when you meet back at the back.

vneck 4

Huge thank you to Hallå Fabrics for sponsoring this post with the gorgeous Shalmiak So Sweet fabric they provided.   European fabrics are not only GOTS organic certified but are some of the softest knits I use.  They have a great stretch and are always beautiful vibrant colors.   You can find the one I used here but be sure to browse around too because you’re bound to find a few more that you can’t be without! (I know I can, haha!)


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