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Elliedactyl Strikes Again!! The Zane Joggers

So I know sometimes it seems obvious that I have a few favorite pattern companies.  I’ll admit, when a designer seems to get it right every time, its awfully easy to stick around and #buyallthepatterns.  Elliedactyl is one of those designers for me.

Annelise has only been publishing patterns short of a year but so far, i’ve been madly in love with each one i’ve made.  They go together easily, they are generally a pretty quick sew, my kids love them, I could go on and on.

Znok Crocodile Coordinate  and Znok Gray Snakes from Halla Fabrics paired with a custom motorcycle knit from TKBPrints.

The newest release, the Zane Joggers, is no different.  They are a unique color-blocked harem style pant.  Unisex for sure, but I only had time to get some made for Reid this time around.  They have 3 different front styles, you could make it all solid, 1 swoop or 2 swoops as they are called in the pattern.  There is also an option for a pocket.  Since he has no idea what pockets are yet, I left it off to save a few extra minutes (time is valuable ya know!?)

Here is the single ‘swoop’ –

Adorable Geo Foxes from SweetNCharmed and a gray faux denim from Jumping June Textiles

And the double ‘swoop’ –


As you can see the only difference is how many fabrics you’re able to use.  This is an excellent scrap buster too, the pieces aren’t big at all so I know I could dig through my bin and have several more pairs lined up.


Ready to try your own pair??  Use code ZANE20 through Sunday at Midnight EST for an additional 20% off your purchase at

psstt… its good on your WHOLE cart too, not just this pattern; if you missed any of the others now your chance to stock up!

I just have to add a few more… cause I really worked for these pictures.  I do not envy anyone that does child photography on full time basis, I was worn out after one evening with this little bugger, haha!  He sure loves to dance though, so we just kept asking him to dance, hoping i’d get that moment with a good shot!  LOL


Don’t forget, ou have until Sunday night to use code ZANE20 for an additional 20% off your purchase at

Here We Are Again … a year in review

Well, my resolution last year was to blog more often, I think I said once a week which, good intentions aside, didn’t quite happen.  But I did blog more this past year than ever before so this year.  Since I hate to set myself up for failure, this year’s resolution is to blog more this year than last.  That’s totally doable right??

I don’t often admit this but it’s hard work, balancing being a mom, a wife, working full time, running Beri Bee (which is a combination of sewing for others, pattern testing and reviewing, fabric testing, helping with Betsy Button) plus opening a new local studio to be able to share the skill and knowledge of sewing with others and then keeping up with the blog.  WHEW!!!  Putting it all out in writing makes me think I might be a little insane, but I love it all, it’s who I am, and I can’t imagine giving any of it up.

Burnett 2724FF

I noticed a few things over the last year, things that stick out in my mind that I want to change or improve.  I have been working alot on my photography and this year i’m adding an indoor studio, I’m so excited to have this as an option when it’s cold.   Our sewing studio (CBMSewing & Design) has moved into a new space and we are working hard to get things organized to open our class schedule in the next month or so.   I also found that I am so much happier sewing what and when I want, so I’m going to be limiting my custom requests this year and sewing more items that are ready to sell which will hopefully give me a little more time to sew for myself and my own kids (who generally get left out).

That brings me to my awesome share for today…. my year in review (the photo version).  One thing I noticed is my little guy gets left out way more than Ry so I’m going to be stepping up my boy game for him this year for sure!  (all but a few of Reid’s pics are mom-made items… hence having to step up my game, haha)  This starts in January of 2015

Don’t mind my loud, pathetic sobbing while I realize how much my baby boy has grown up over the last 12 months… he hardly looks like a baby anymore 🙁

And now for Ry –

So there you have it… Our year of sewing, changes (big and small) and what’s in store for Beri Bee over the next year.

BIG thank you to all my friends, family and fans that make everything I do possible – love you all!!