Hey June – The Camden Raglan

You have no idea how exciting this pattern is our household.  I might even call it life-changing, and that isn’t an exaggeration, haha!  As Ry has gotten older (because yes 8 is old, which apparently makes me ancient!)  it has been harder and harder for us to agree on clothing, both store bought and items i’m making.  Finding a pattern that we both love, and that fits her slim frame so perfectly is like hitting the jackpot!


Floral fabric is an upcoming release from The Fabric Geeks

Say hello to the Camden Raglan from Hey June.   I’m pretty sure this is the 4th one i’ve made so far and she loves every one of them.

This Lucky Sprinkle fabric was so perfect for St Patrick’s Day (and green day at school today)

I really love that all these tops came from the same pattern, but all have their own look.  From a banded bottom, to a curved hem, 3 different sleeve lengths, hooded or not;  its really awesome to get so many looks.

I also sent a few off to a friend, her daughter and Ry could be twins in another life.  They have the same attitude-filled opinions and have almost an identical build.  And generally if one designs an item, the other one wants the same thing, its uncanny how alike they are but they have never met in person.


Stitchkins fabric from Dark Matter Fabrics 

This one almost didn’t leave our house.  I only had enough of this amazing Stenzo dog and cat fabric for one top and Chey had picked it out.  (yes I’m already ordering more! and you can too… Mabel Madison has it available in both pink and white!)


Apparently digital designs like this are becoming increasingly popular.  The girls love them, I feel like the dog is staring at me… haha!!


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