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Want to help me share a gift???

So besides the everyday things that you miss when you don’t have family nearby, I REALLY miss holidays.  Which also means BIRTHDAYS!!  Birthdays were always a big deal at my house growing up.  Even as we became adults my parents were sure to have a cake and a mini party for us.  There’s always been phone calls, and cards but that just isn’t the same.  Especially when you THE BEST gift to give! (well I think its the best at least, but I could be a tad partial)

A few weeks ago I commented on a pattern for a wallet and not 2 minutes later I had a text from my youngest sister that said “Feel free to make me one of those Della wallet clutches”.  So since then she’s been watching my every move… I posted something that wasn’t a wallet and she notices, can’t sneak anything by this one apparently.

So I thought it would be best to 1) call her out on it (cause that is what big sisters do right?) and 2) give her her gift in front of a crowd 🙂


(its not a proper birthday post without an embarrassing picture, right?? She’s the one in the middle…)

Ok, all together now…..



Hope you enjoy your wallet, it’s on the way 🙂



Pattern is the Della Wallet Clutch from Swoon Patterns.

Perfect 10 Blog Tour

blog tour header

One of the best ways that I make time to sew for my own kiddos is pattern testing and/or reviewing.  Miss R has needed some new shirts so I was really excited to help Cassie at Little Lizard King test her newest pattern.  I was even more excited when she suggested I join in the blog tour to share one of my tiny changes in a tutorial.


This is the 4th shirt i’ve made since I started testing this pattern few weeks ago, we loved it that much!!  And there are so many variations to mix and match (10 to be exact), you could make it a hundred times and it wouldn’t look the same.  For this one she picked this sweet floral print from Riley Blake.  I’ve had the large floral for awhile now but the tiny little coordinate just showed up in a scrap swap with some girls from Pattern Revolution.  (that might be a little hint at an upcoming post over there 😉 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She loves the little heart pocket, can you tell??


My personal preference on 3/4 sleeves is a wider band at the hem.  I love the bolder look there and its a nice way to accent a different fabric.  So i’m going to share a few steps to make that little adjustment.


You can really make this any width you want but for the size 6, the pattern calls for 1.75″ x 7.5″ for a normal arm band, I just adjusted that to 4.5″.




And now you’re all set to go back to the pattern and attach to the sleeve as directed.


Here’s there rest of the Perfect 10 tour – be sure to follow along, there’s more tips and tricks coming up!

The Perfect Ten Knit Top Blog Tour

Friday, February 13th: Kickoff release with Little Lizard King, special tutorial by JAB Creations

Saturday, February 14th: The Cutest Babe on the Block with Harper Creek Boutique

Sunday, February 15th: Sweet and Stylish with Beri Bee Designs

Monday, February 16th: Oh Sew Chic with Daydream Believers

Tuesday, February 17th: Puppy Love with Stitched by Crystal

Wednesday, February 18th: A Knit Panel and Flutter Tutorial by Chasing Mermaids

Thursday, February 19th: A Colorblocking Tutorial by That’s Sew Kari

Friday, February 20th: Sassy Style with Blink: Life & Clothing and a Tour Wrap up with Lily Shine Boutique

Shake It Off….Ryleigh style

I can’t even tell you how many times a day I hear this song… Sometimes the real version more often the Kids Bop version, but all the same it’s a favorite of Ry and ends up stuck in head just about every day haha!!

When I saw the Shake It Off contest from Paisley Roots I knew I’d have a willing participant if I helped make the right outfit so off to the fabric closet we went!!

We decided to base our outfit on 2 of the outfits Taylor wears in the video.

The first part is a cheetah/leopard print hoodie with pleather-look spandex trim. I used the Hangout Hoodie from Peek-a-boo Patterns.

For the leggings we went with the Brindille & Twig Leggings pattern. It’s super simple and definitely my go to for leggings.

Man this girl has sass!!! And really any excuse for lots of jewelry and some red lipstick is a good one right??

Can’t start singing “Shake it Off” in the street and not dance a little right??

And lord forbid we do somewhere or do something without one of the girls! Haha!!

We had such a good time with this!! Thanks for letting us share!

a model’s life isn’t always glamorous…

So I use the title ‘model’ loosely, since after all she’s just my ever so lovely 7 year old but in the end that’s what she is,  on a small-time scale.  She gets to be the lucky one, although sometimes reluctantly, to strut her stuff in all the items I sew for review or testing, which lately has been more than usual.  Sometimes I forget that she’s just my girl and that i’m lucky I only have to pay her in cookies.


Days like today, while she froze for the sake of fashion so I could meet a deadline, i’d say she earned a little bonus. I think these were hot chocolate worthy, wouldn’t you agree 🙂  Seriously, this girl has a fashion all her own,  I just love her!!


Want to see what she’s hiding under my scarf????  Check out the latest Simple Life launch post over at Pattern Revolution, its to die for!!