a model’s life isn’t always glamorous…

So I use the title ‘model’ loosely, since after all she’s just my ever so lovely 7 year old but in the end that’s what she is,  on a small-time scale.  She gets to be the lucky one, although sometimes reluctantly, to strut her stuff in all the items I sew for review or testing, which lately has been more than usual.  Sometimes I forget that she’s just my girl and that i’m lucky I only have to pay her in cookies.


Days like today, while she froze for the sake of fashion so I could meet a deadline, i’d say she earned a little bonus. I think these were hot chocolate worthy, wouldn’t you agree 🙂  Seriously, this girl has a fashion all her own,  I just love her!!


Want to see what she’s hiding under my scarf????  Check out the latest Simple Life launch post over at Pattern Revolution, its to die for!!

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