Just stopping by to say hello!

We had such a crazy month of March with spring break and some things around the house and so far April is proving to be just as hectic.  Mike umpires high school baseball so just when it feels like life isn’t TOO overwhelming, I transition to a single parent for 3/4 days a week… ahhhh!  Coupling that with a sweet baby that doesn’t think he needs to sleep makes for ONE.TIRED.MAMA.

IMG_3697(Lap Neck Tee from Brindille & Twig, fabric from Backstitch Designs)

Amongst all that I am still trying to find a little time to sew here and there.  I have a fabulous tutorial i’m dying to share, I just need to get a few last things written and i’ve been testing a few great patterns for summer!

IMG_3796-2(Skip Along Skort from Peek A Boo Patterns, fabric from Fabric Stache)

Since I made my resolution to blog weekly (and clearly have already failed) I wanted to at least check in and say hi!

IMG_3812(The Tybee Tank and Dress from LilyGiggle, fabric from Knitorious Fabric)

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!  I promise i’ll be back more regularly soon!!

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