My secret fabric stash… my closet!

Sometimes when I can’t find the perfect color fabric in a store, or maybe the right weight for a project I raid my secret stash – my own closet (sometime’s even my husbands).  When you’re sewing for kids and don’t need a huge amount of fabric you would be amazed at how many things can be recycled that you might not be using anymore, or have already moved into a donation pile.  I don’t think we have donated an old t-shirt of hubby’s in forever; I always set them in a pile to refashion for the kids.

Here’s a few i’ve done recently and you’d never be the wiser….

This was a men’s solid tee that was the perfect color for a new summer tank for Miss R.

Lacy Tank Pattern by Greenstyle Creations

I gave an old knit dress new life with this cute shirt pattern I was testing this week for Winter Wear Designs.  PS… its awesome!! and being released tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Shirt pattern by Winter Wear Designs

I even reused a pair of old jeans to make some pants for my little guy.  I couldn’t find the perfect denim at the store so checked my pile of what didn’t fit anymore and voila!  It was the right color and even better… FREE!

Captain Comfort Pants pattern by Patterns for Pirates

What have you recycled for your kids clothing? (or even something for yourself)  I’d love for you to share – link up in the comments!!

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