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Day 4 of our Homegrown Tank Sew Along – Beyond the Pattern


I hope you’ve been sewing with us this week!!  Now that you have the basic construction down, let’s look at an easy modification.  Adding a fabric panel to the front of the skirt.  (If you weren’t following the sewalong be sure to check out this tutorial first –

Lets get started… Measure the width of your panel. Subtract that from the provided width of your skirt piece. So for my size 4, the skirt was 48″ I reduced it to 34″ because my panel is 14″.


With right sides together stitch the side of the panel to each short end of your skirt piece so that its fully connected making a tube.


Line up the seams from the panel and mark the ends (this is your center front and center back)


Line up those clips/pins and then mark the ends again so that its split into 4 quarters. We want to be sure that the panel is centered in the front. I do this BEFORE I gather to ensure i’m marking evenly. I would normally mark with pins so that when I gather I can leave the marks there.


I prefer to have the panel less gathered than the rest of the skirt so its more visible. The easiest way to do this is gather the skirt and panel separately.  So I start gathering at one edge of the panel and go around to the other edge and stop. Then run gathering stitches across the top of the panel.


Now mark your bodice into quarters also. The side seams should match up and then mark the centers.


I’m missing the next picture so I apologize but as you clip/pin your skirt to the bodice as you would in the regular pattern, take note to also be sure your panel edges are equal distance from each side seam. I usually clip/pin this one more time in that spot to be sure it stays even. Now attach the skirt and your finished!!


Thank you so much for sewing along with us!! I had a blast and I love seeing all the awesome finished dresses!!  Be sure to enter your photos into the albums to be included in the Backstitch giveaway AND enter below for a giveaway from me!!


Sew Along anyone???

I’m so excited to be helping out over in the Backstitch Back Room with this week’s sew along.


I’ll have a little Beyond the Pattern add on for you later this week that i’ll share here also.  For anyone that followed along in my last tutorial we are sewing with the Home Grown Tank dress again, seriously one of my favorites!!  Want a hint at the add-on????  I’ll just leave this right here…