Road Trip Anyone???

While I know a lot of you are actually out and about traveling this summer the only Road Trip I’m getting is this sweet little number from Little Lizard King that was just released.  Say hello to the Road Trip Racerback.


I could tell you how much I love this pattern, how it comes in a top, tunic, dress and maxi length.  How there is a cool stripwork version of the maxi that is great for stash-busting, or how you could add adorable little flutters to the arms but even better than all those is how much my kiddo loves it!  She definitely has opinions about what’s “cool” and what she will wear that we buy from the store, but when I MAKE her clothes, i’m have an even higher bar to meet.  It has to look like it came from a store… yep, I knew the day would come when she would shy away from mom-made stuff but if I can find a way to make it last just awhile longer i’ll do what it takes.IMG_4086

The pattern on its own was awesome, as I finished it up and shared she uttered those magic words “that looks like it came from the store!”  WIN!!  I also know how much she loves pockets so I told her I had just a few last things to add and her reaction was even better after this little modification.

You can use this tutorial for adding pockets to just about anything else but I think it gives a fun little feature on the Road Trip Racerback, don’t you agree?

First you can download my template here.  This is what I used on a size 7 so you may need to scale it down just a bit or make it a tad larger depending on the size you are making.

Cut your pieces out and stitch along the dart line.


Take your binding strip and lay it right sides together with the pocket, attach the binding, stitching 3/8″ in from the top edge of the pocket.   You will need to stretch the binding just slightly to make it fit.  This will help it from stretching out and ending up a wavy pocket.


Press the binding up and over, encasing the top edge of the pocket.  Top stitch on from the front along the lower edge of the binding.  Flip the pocket over and trim off your excess.

Press all edges in approx 1/4″ and mark the middle at the top of the pocket.


For the tunic I measured 2″ from the finished edge for my placement.  This can vary on your preference or what length you are making.  Be careful to line up the dart and the top middle marker with the side seam of the skirt.

Stitch from one top of the pocket around the bottom to the other side about 1/8″ from the edge.  Voila!


Pockets are a GREAT way to use up smaller scraps since it takes so little fabric.  You can do one or 2, you could move them more to the middle if you would like so they are on the front.  You can really get creative with them.

I’d love to see your projects from this!  Share on instagram with the tag #beribeetutorials or add a link to a finished project in my comments 🙂


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