Tutorial: The Twisted Headband

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Fabric headbands are such a trend right now.  One thing I wanted to do was make something that used elastic instead of just knit to really make something that would span a larger size group for each one.  I am actually able to wear the same size as my 7 year old if I wanted to share (or if she would share I should say, haha!)

Big thank you to Hallå Fabrics for providing the fabric for this tutorial.  I originally designed the tutorial for their chat page and i’m happy to be sharing it here also.  I highly recommend you check out their page, this and other great free tutorials are listed there (plus lots of gorgeous Euro fabrics!!)

Cut out your 3 pieces using this following cutting guide. These are just suggested sizes and you can always adjust the length of the elastic if you find they aren’t working for your child or yourself.

Fold in half right sides together and stitch along the long side.  Then turn right side out making 3 tubes.

We are not cutting the elastic yet. Feed one side through the smallest tube and stitch at the end to secure.

Push the fabric to one side and now measure your elastic and cut using the following guide- Elastic Chart- DO NOT CUT YET
NB-4 — 4″
5 -10 — 6″
11+ — 7″

Stitch at the opposite end to secure. It should look like the last picture.

Line up the seam so that it goes down the center of each of the 2 larger tubes. Lay one out with the seam up and the other across with the seam DOWN.

Fold the bottom one over so the short ends meet and lay the gathered piece in the center with the seam UP.  Wrap the wider tube around the elastic.

Stitch 1/4″ from the edge, going back and forth about 5-6 times to secure. Go slowly so this doesn’t shift.  Trim the end to about 1/8″ seam allowance.

Now lay the short ends together for the other side and follow the same steps to enclose the other end.

After both ends are wrapped and secured you can pull the sides up to cover the unfinished end.

As you can see this method leaves a nicely finished product with no ugly closing or having to do any hand stitching (which I despise if you didnt know! )

If you prefer to have something with a bit thinner band at the base you can also modify it to only use fold over elastic as in the next few pictures.  You would follow the exact same instructions as above.  I did also make this one a bit narrower so I cut it at 3.5″ x 14″ instead of 4.5″ as directed originally.  The beauty of this is after the first few you can definitely adapt to make it fit the way you like best.

For the thinner elastic, I found it stayed a bit neater if I closed off raw edge after pulling it through.  You can see those stitches in the last picture.

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