Introducing the Hipster Twister from Little Lizard King

Now, I know you all have probably noticed i’m a big fan of Little Lizard King.  I think Liz and her crew are pretty awesome and have some really fabulous patterns.  This new one is no different!  Raedene had mentioned to me a few months ago that she was working on something pretty awesome and that when it came time for testing I was definitely going to have to give it a try and whew! she was right!!


When testing started I played it pretty safe and went with the regular woven skirt (one of 3 options for this pattern) and was thrilled with the outcome.  It had great twirl for just being a gathered skirt, and the top fit like a dream!!  Super quick to come together too so I thought, why not one more.  (plus I had some panels just staring at me waiting to be used)


Second time around, I went with the stripwork skirt version.  Those panels I mentioned, were bought just for this.  We talked about possibly using panels with it when Raedene mentioned it before so I thought it might be a good idea if I had a few on hand for when it was ready.  The Knit Panel Konnektion is definitely my go-to for panels when I’m looking and I had remembered this series of Equestria Girls that had been shared and knew that would be the way to go.


I did have to adjust the size of the panels just a bit to be sure I got the most of each pony included but it worked wonderfully.  I didn’t alter the top edge of the pattern piece, so things still fit together nicely, I just extended it a little wider as it comes to the bottom.  (when you get your pattern this should make sense, if not please email me and i’ll be happy to walk you through it).

I paired it with this gorgeous Rainbow Pony fabric from MK Designs and a few others that have been in my stash for awhile.  Thrilled with this outcome!  While I loved the first version I did, the stripwork one blew me away.  We will definitely be putting together a few more combinations of this one in the future.

IMG_5823 copy

Lets see what gorgeous options you come up with!!  It will be available at a special introductory price at with the code “Hipster” at checkout.


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