Tomorrow I will have a 2nd grader…

Sigh… time flies way too fast!!  Not only our summer, which seems like it was over as quick as it started, but that my little girl (who would die if she heard me call her that) is starting 2nd grade tomorrow.

This month I have SO many fun projects to share with you, I have a few really cool blog tours coming up that i’m super excited about.  And I have lots of back to school sewing to work on.
IMG_6076 copy

One of my R’s favorite things is skirts that twirl… in almost any photo shoot we do, you will likely see a spinning shot.  Mostly because that is the true measure of whether or not an item i’ve made can pass the “i’ll wear it again” test that she’s come up with.  They also have to be soft and comfy.


I recently participated in a scrap swap with some friends over at Pattern Revolution and whipped up this skirt with one of the packages I received.  I shared my woven scrap dress on the blog there last week and now here is my knit item.  EVERY piece of this was from the scraps that Sarah sent me, and even better, it meets all of R’s criteria, haha!


I just took a basic circle skirt pattern and instead of cutting on the folds like it directs, I cut 4 separate pieces, then cut each of those in half.  Stitched them all together and added a yoga waistband.  This is a super quick and really cute way to use up scraps you might have hanging around.

What are some of your favorite scrap projects?? Feel free to share some links, i’m always looking for something to do with the totes full that I accumulate 🙂

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