One of my favorite sewing tools…

I have several things I use regularly that make my sewing life easier but this is one that has so many uses, I honestly don’t think I could live without it… Wonder Tape

While I was working on one of several projects I have to share over the next few weeks I realized just how much I rely on it.  Here’s a little preview at something I have to share later this week plus a quick lesson in how to use it for zippers.  Anyone that knows me, knows I am NOT a fan of zippers so anything that makes them easier is a big win for me!

This leather was a bit on the slippery side so it really was a lifesaver.  I just applied a strip of Wonder Tape to the very edge of the zipper then laid it down on the right side of my pattern piece then sew as directed.

  This especially comes in handy when you are installing a zipper between 2 layers of fabric (or leather in this case).  I just used the Wonder Tape on each side of the zipper and carefully attached each pattern piece.  This means no basting to one piece first, and everything stayed perfectly in place.

It also works great to hold buttons in place before stitching them down, keeping straps from shifting before attaching to a bodice and really anything else you could imagine wanting to have a little sticking power when you might not be able (or want) to pin or clip.  It totally deserves its name!

Anyone want to take a guess at what i’m working on? You’ll have to be sure to check back next week to see it in action!

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