Making Friends, One Competitor at a Time – Top Stitchers Interview

I am thrilled to be joining in this season’s Top Stitcher’s competition. The last few season’s I’ve followed along and picked my favorite outfits, in awe of the talent that had been rounded up to participate.  So can you imagine my excitement when Becca said I could play along this time!?  YAY!!   I’ve already been burning the creative fire to come up with some ideas for our Hacker prompt – KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS that is scheduled for October 27th.


While you’re waiting patiently to see what I can pull together I wanted to introduce you to my competition.  Now keep in mind, its really not about beating her, she’s not the enemy, haha!  For me, especially my first time, it is all about pushing myself to meet the challenge!  Its such a friendly competition that for our interview we even decided to video chat for part of our interview.  Now amidst the technical problems I was having with my microphone at first we had a great chat, it was like calling an old friend.  I was so excited to be chatting with her that I was only making quick notes while we chatted Oops! That doesn’t help for an interview does it? haha

Meet Maegen from Mae & K

Maegen has been sewing for about 3 years, although she learned at a very young age she didn’t start sewing seriously until after she had kids.  She has 2 boys, a 4 year old who was lucky enough to be her subject for last season’s competition and an almost 2 year old that she will be sewing for this season.   She enjoys sewing for herself when she gets time but generally her efforts are focused on her boys.   When I asked her about how she felt hacking she said its new territory for her.  Upcycling is really more her passion, what better way to stretch a few dollars than to reuse items for fabric?  (see I told you we had lots in common!)  She loves joining in the Top Stitcher fun because it pushes her outside her normal box.

Aren’t her little guys the cutest??


We finished up our chat in some messages so I do have a bit to share –

Do you have a designer that’s sort of your go to? I know it’s hard to pick favorites lol
I can’t really name a certain designer… I have my favorite patterns though. EBTKS Henley, Omni Tempore, Knight Hoodie to name a few

Do you use any other platforms besides your blog page? Instagram or have you tried any of the new things like periscope?
I use Instagram the most. I have twitter, but it’s mostly reposts from Facebook, blog, IG.  I downloaded periscope, but I don’t really get it. I don’t know who would want to watch a live feed of the chaos at my house.

How did you choose your blog name?  
I asked my sister-in-law if she wanted to blog with me. I was moving off blogger as Foster Ramblings and I wanted a new name and someone to help fill in the blog. We came up with Mae & K, I’m Mae (to my high school friends) and she’s K. What motivated us to pick that was mostly getting to use an ampersand.  Karen is a nurse though, and doesn’t have nearly as much time for crafting and blogging as she thought she would.  So it’s mostly just me.
What would you say is your next goal for your blog or something you’d like to accomplish?
My biggest goals right now involve content. Making tutorials or pattern reviews that will be helpful to readers.
Be sure to check out her blog, she has tons of great stuff to share, including highlighting free patterns on Fridays!!   And don’t miss Season 3 of Top Stitchers, its going to be pretty epic!!

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