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Jocole Fall Blog Tour – Mix & Match Cowl Neck Tunic

jocoleedit-4 copy

Happy Saturday!!  I’m excited to finally be sharing my fab new tunic from the Jocole Mix & Match line.  I know a few may have been expecting me earlier in the week but Sharon from Sweet Pea and Pumkins was kind enough to trade days.  With moving into the studio the last few weeks have been INSANE!!

So i’ve been a little skeptical about how these mix & match patterns went but I will say now that I’ve made my first one, I can see these patterns becoming staples in my self-care sewing.


I’ve been in a leggings mood lately so immediately knew a tunic length would be on my list.  Then since our midwest fall has been anywhere from 50-80 degrees daily, 3/4 length sleeves seemed like a great compromise for most any weather.   And to change things up a little a cowl neck- I don’t have much in that style AND I’ve never made one either.

So to recap I used the following Mix & Match:

Classic Sleeves
Classy Cowlneck Bodice
Radiant A-Line Bottom


I love the length, it has the perfect coverage for leggings and I could even change it up with skinny jeans since its not TOO long.

Oh and hubby must have thought it was pretty good too since I got my favorite compliment ever… “You MADE it?  I figured you went shopping”  Hearing that he can’t tell the difference between store bought and me-made items is like music to my ears 🙂 haha!


Go check out all the options available in the mix & match series and start planning your next project!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Even better!! Want a chance to enter for a FREE Jocole Pattern of your choice??  Be sure to enter HERE!

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What a month it’s been!! 

I know I’ve been a little MIA over the last month or so but it’s because there are some big changes happening here and I’m finally ready to share!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my updates, if you don’t you’re about to see what’s going on.  

I’m expanding Beri Bee to a studio! I met this incredible person in the process.  I was introduced to Elizabeth from Curly Pigtails and Bets & Mags just over a month ago when we were both considering a small studio area and the ball just started rolling… FAST!  We looked at a few spaces and landed on this one.  

While it doesn’t look like much, we have made some amazing progress and will be mostly moved and sewing starting this week!!   

Why a studio you ask? Well we are both busting at the seams in our current spaces. Plus… We are going to be starting to offer lessons after the first of the year!! Eek!!  I get requests all the time, but without a venue to host them it’s difficult.  That is no longer an issue. 

We decided painting ourselves wasn’t working out too well so I’ll admit we hired some help which was just what we needed to keep on our time schedule.  


We found a steal of a deal on this chandelier (quick brag…that we hung ourselves!) and then added the most perfect mocha epoxy to the floor.  

SO thrilled to be getting some things moved in today!!! 


We still have a ways to go but before we know it we’ll be all settled in this gorgeous new space!!