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Bonus Monday -Adding a Lace Inset

Lucky us, Leap Day is on a Monday!  Can we consider it a bonus day not an extra day.  Cause really, does anyone want an regular old extra Monday?! I know I don’t!   Since we get an extra day, I figured i’d celebrate with an extra look for a pattern.

I just finished up making this awesome See Kate Sew Dreamer top for Sew Yourself Some Love Month at Pattern Revolution (want to see my full look, check it out there!)   I am so in love with the modification I made I wanted to share with all of you too.


This is so simple, and something you can easily adapt to other patterns in your file drawer.

To start, I cut out my front piece.  Just a tip, when a pattern uses the same piece for the front and back, cut along the neckline for the front but before you move that piece aside tape it back down.  Just one small piece of tape though.  It will allow you to flip it up and back to cut both pieces perfectly.


Now for the inset, using a ruler, cut a straight line across the top of the bodice.  Really however much you want to be lace (or even just a contrasting fabric).


After you have both back pieces cut out, you can lay these right sides together and connect them along that new cut.   This becomes your new back piece and you can return to your regular pattern instructions to finish.


This little change, makes a completely different top!   I’d love to see your version if you tried this!  You can share on Instagram and use #beribeeblog

Boys Can Wear Pink – Season 2

When I was given the chance to participate in this amazing tour again this year, I jumped at it.  I had such a good time last year with my little guy and I knew I could do something epic again this year.


Last year my motivation was a little different, he was a newborn, he was expected to have a closet full of greens and blues and browns.  And while that is fine and well, its nice to have some variety.  There’s no reason little (or big) boys shouldn’t wear whatever they want, pink, purple, orange, yellow, red, blue… none of these colors mean anything about WHO they are.  Pink makes a boy no less of a boy and while there will always be someone to say otherwise, I want my boy to grow up knowing it doesn’t make a difference.

(Hope you don’t mind, i’m sneaking in a flash back… )

Now that he’s a year older, my opinion is not only on what he wears but what he plays with.  He has an older sister with a million dolls… so YES he’s going to play with them.  He LOVES them, he carries them around, pushes a baby in the stroller and has a great time doing it.  Why shouldn’t he?  Dolls aren’t just for girls, just like pink isn’t either.


I had the opportunity to test this SWEET pattern from Terra’s Treasures, the Elevation Hoodie (coming this week!!) and I just knew it had to be what I featured today.  When I bought these cute little raccoons I thought they would be red, imagine my surprise to open a package of pink, but hey, even better right?!?!  I got those from Jumping June Textiles, while i’m fairly certain they are sold out, you should check out the other amazing Euro prints she carries.


He relunctanly gave up his baby when I suggested that there might be pockets on his hoodie.  He’s just learning why pockets are so awesome and how much stuff he can sneak into one.     Gosh when did he get so big???

edit-9008 copy

I recently  made these pink dragon Max Joggers from Max & Meena and thought they would be perfect to share today too.   You can find the pink Znok dragons at Halla Fabric, if you hurry  I think they are still in stock!!  They pair nicely with his new Wild and Free shirt my friend Julie sent him.  I’d say it suits him to a TEE!  HAHA!!  They are available at her shop Chestnut Street Duds if your interested.

He’s letting me know its too cold to stay out any longer so off we go… the baby back in arms to keep him happy on the walk back.

edit-9013 copy

Thank you so much for following this AMAZING blog tour.  There are some fabulous ladies with awesome kiddos that have lots to share this week.  If you missed the first few days go back and check them out, then be sure to follow along as we wrap up!   You also don’t want to miss the killer giveaways we have from all the great business that have agreed to sponsor this week for us.   You can ENTER HERE for the giveaway.



One Thimble E-Zine Issue 10

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Any big sewing plans this weekend?  If you don’t already, maybe I can tempt you with 332 pages of pure awesome!   Don’t worry,  that includes the pattern pages also, its not nearly as much as it sounds, haha!   Yesterday the newest issue of One Thimble was released and let me just say, its AMAZING!


If you aren’t familiar with One Thimble yet, it’s a sewing e-zine stuffed full of interesting and informative articles, tips, tutorials and patterns.  This issue boasts 11 full patterns plus a few that are freebies hidden throughout the articles.

I had such a tough time deciding what to share from this issue so I left it up to my model.  She chose the lovely Jolie Skirt from Filles a Maman and the Enid Slouch Beanie by Rosie Petal.

She loved that we could use the knit from the hat to make the skirt tie to keep everything coordinating.  We made the beanie extra special by using a vintage button from my grams button collection that was given to me several years back.


Be careful not to let the patterns take center stage though.  While they are all fabulous, you don’t want to miss out on all the information you might pick up virtually flipping through the pages.  There are tips on making the perfect piping, how to grow your sewing business and how to best utilize Instagram.

When I mentioned not wanting to miss out on any hidden patterns, I’ll spill the beans on one I don’t think you should miss.  The next project on my list is the reusable coloring mat (with an zippered section to store markers/crayons).  With 2 kids that LOVE to color when we go out, that will be a PERFECT addition to my oversized purse (aka diaper bag, haha)


Convinced yet??  Need more inspiration??

Check out the other stops on the Issue 10 Blog Tour and ENTER HERE for a chance to win a copy of Issue 10 (or a refund if you just can’t want and need it now!)



For the Love of Dresses & Tunics – The Origami Tunic

With spring around the corner I decided it was time for a little wardrobe revamp, anyone else feel this way?  I’m ready for warm weather and new colors!  I might not be able to get the warm weather yet, but I can start on some new clothes!
I’ll be honest here, until my New Years weight loss resolution starts working, I’m happy in my leggings.  Which means I need new tunics!  I’d been eyeing the Origami Tunic from Love Notions (affiliate link) for awhile so this tour came along at just the right time.
I found the most perfect rayon/spandex blend at Joann’s that had exactly the drape I was hoping for.  And bonus, since i’m short…I just need to add a few inches and I think I can get a few dresses with this pattern for summer.  Not to mention the Cardigan in the pattern also that I have yet to try.
This was a really quick sew, especially since I took a little shortcut and left the bottom unhemmed.  Since it’s a knit and won’t fray, I love leaving the raw edge on stuff for myself.

Be sure to keep following along on our tour, lots of amazing ladies with some fabulous inspiration.  When you’re ready to make your own wouldn’t it be fabulous to get FREE patterns and FREE fabric to make some??  Be sure to enter HERE for a chance to win $50 to Girl Charlee plus FIVE patterns of your choice from Love Notions.



Mabel Madison’s Valentines Blog Tour – Kisses for Sale


This girl… i’m telling’ ya, its never a dull moment!  If you’ve followed me at all before, you know i’m not usually one to set up a bunch of props but I thought why not, its Valentines Day right?  So Ry sees the sign that says “kisses 5¢” and her first words are “eeewwwwwww!!! that is so gross, i’m not kissing anyone!”


She thinks for a second and tells me to hold on then comes back with a handful of Hershey Kisses…”there” she says, “now it’s THESE kisses for sale”, totally cracked me up!

Ok, enough about my crazy girl, let’s talk about this gorgeous dress (yes, i’m a tad biased, but it’s pretty sweet right?).  Another thing you may know about me, is that I love sewing with knits, and no, this is not a knit.  Its an amazing poplin from Stenzo that I received from Mabel Madison.  I’ve tried Stenzo poplin before but I really wanted to highlight it this time.  One of my favorite qualities is the crispness that it has versus regular quilting cotton.  It holds pleats beautifully and keeps its shape nicely.  Not to mention the gorgeous, insanely vibrant color!


After much deliberation, I chose the Mara Blouse from Compagnie M (affiliate link).   I used the directions in the pattern to lengthen it to a dress length, although apparently Ry grew and the dress I used to help gauge the new length was too short, haha, oops!  I actually really love the tunic length so good mistake!


Instead of piping around the yoke I went with a decorative lace to give just a little pop of color.   The pattern has 3 different sleeve options to chose from; this is the butterfly sleeve.  I would say it’s similar to a cap sleeve but with a small slit in the middle.



This is my first pattern from Compagnie M and I was very impressed.  I am generally hesitant to try out a new pattern for a feature but I figured I was stepping outside my normal fabric box, why not the pattern too.  Marte was kind enough to provide me a free copy of the pattern to use for this project.  I would say its best for an advanced beginner/intermediate level sewist just because of the pleats and piping.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making this sophisticated top a great step up from a basic beginner pattern.


Want to see more amazing poplin creations?? Follow along the Mabel Madison Valentines Tour!  and don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter for your chance to win a $10 giftcard!!  (link below)

Valentine Blog Tour Image jpeg

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