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This girl… i’m telling’ ya, its never a dull moment!  If you’ve followed me at all before, you know i’m not usually one to set up a bunch of props but I thought why not, its Valentines Day right?  So Ry sees the sign that says “kisses 5¢” and her first words are “eeewwwwwww!!! that is so gross, i’m not kissing anyone!”


She thinks for a second and tells me to hold on then comes back with a handful of Hershey Kisses…”there” she says, “now it’s THESE kisses for sale”, totally cracked me up!

Ok, enough about my crazy girl, let’s talk about this gorgeous dress (yes, i’m a tad biased, but it’s pretty sweet right?).  Another thing you may know about me, is that I love sewing with knits, and no, this is not a knit.  Its an amazing poplin from Stenzo that I received from Mabel Madison.  I’ve tried Stenzo poplin before but I really wanted to highlight it this time.  One of my favorite qualities is the crispness that it has versus regular quilting cotton.  It holds pleats beautifully and keeps its shape nicely.  Not to mention the gorgeous, insanely vibrant color!


After much deliberation, I chose the Mara Blouse from Compagnie M (affiliate link).   I used the directions in the pattern to lengthen it to a dress length, although apparently Ry grew and the dress I used to help gauge the new length was too short, haha, oops!  I actually really love the tunic length so good mistake!


Instead of piping around the yoke I went with a decorative lace to give just a little pop of color.   The pattern has 3 different sleeve options to chose from; this is the butterfly sleeve.  I would say it’s similar to a cap sleeve but with a small slit in the middle.



This is my first pattern from Compagnie M and I was very impressed.  I am generally hesitant to try out a new pattern for a feature but I figured I was stepping outside my normal fabric box, why not the pattern too.  Marte was kind enough to provide me a free copy of the pattern to use for this project.  I would say its best for an advanced beginner/intermediate level sewist just because of the pleats and piping.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making this sophisticated top a great step up from a basic beginner pattern.


Want to see more amazing poplin creations?? Follow along the Mabel Madison Valentines Tour!  and don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter for your chance to win a $10 giftcard!!  (link below)

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