Bonus Monday -Adding a Lace Inset

Lucky us, Leap Day is on a Monday!  Can we consider it a bonus day not an extra day.  Cause really, does anyone want an regular old extra Monday?! I know I don’t!   Since we get an extra day, I figured i’d celebrate with an extra look for a pattern.

I just finished up making this awesome See Kate Sew Dreamer top for Sew Yourself Some Love Month at Pattern Revolution (want to see my full look, check it out there!)   I am so in love with the modification I made I wanted to share with all of you too.


This is so simple, and something you can easily adapt to other patterns in your file drawer.

To start, I cut out my front piece.  Just a tip, when a pattern uses the same piece for the front and back, cut along the neckline for the front but before you move that piece aside tape it back down.  Just one small piece of tape though.  It will allow you to flip it up and back to cut both pieces perfectly.


Now for the inset, using a ruler, cut a straight line across the top of the bodice.  Really however much you want to be lace (or even just a contrasting fabric).


After you have both back pieces cut out, you can lay these right sides together and connect them along that new cut.   This becomes your new back piece and you can return to your regular pattern instructions to finish.


This little change, makes a completely different top!   I’d love to see your version if you tried this!  You can share on Instagram and use #beribeeblog

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