Vintage Kitchen Blog Tour – Doll Apron Tutorial

Hey there friends!!  Today we’re talking about a gorgeous new fabric from Riley Blake that recently hit the shelves of your favorite fabric shop – Vintage Kitchen by Andrea Muller.


I just LOVED the Kitchen Turnips for spring so I chose those and built around them!   Ry has been asking for an apron so I though making one for her and her doll would be the perfect project with these.


She insisted on a mixing bowl for our outside pics… haha!!

How adorable is this Kitchen Cat ribbon??


And we can’t leave out Lea!


The doll apron is the perfect way to use up scraps!

You only need 3 pieces of fabric –
main apron panel – 4″x 13″
waist/tie  – 3″x 30″
ruffle – 2″ x 26″

First  you want to hem the ruffle.  You could either use a rolled hem, or press up 1/4″ and then again another 1/4″ and stitch.

Now gather the ruffle to match the main skirt piece and attach, then topstitch.

Fold in the side 1/4″ and press, then fold another 1/4″ and press, then stitch in place.  Do this on both sides to finish the side edges.

For some reason these pictures didn’t turn out well and I didnt notice until I was too far in, i’m sorry!!  I’ll add some soon for anyone that isnt following that.

Moving on to the tie – press wrong sides together matching up long edges.  Open up and fold each long edge in towards the center press line you just made and press again.  This is basically making a wide bias tape.


Open this up again and fold RIGHT sides together and stitch 1/4 from the edge down the short side on each end.


Fold back to wrong sides together, folding with the press lines to enclose the seam allowance you just made.


Now mark the middle of both your skirt and waist tie and either pin or clip.


Using the waist, enclose the top of the skirt and starting at one end, topstitch all the way around the waist tie.




Thank you so much for stopping by today!!    I’d love to see what you created with the tutorial, tag me on Instagram  – #beribeeblog or #beribeetutorial

And big thank you to Riley Blake and Andrea Muller for sending over the fabric and ribbon for me to play with!

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  • Lina

    March 9, 2016

    OH! How cute is this??? Great work! <3

  • Beautiful! I like the litten skort 😉
    Kind regards, Bine

  • Einchen (doppelnaht)

    March 10, 2016

    the aprons are so cute. I was laughing because the pic with the bowl outside ☺

    • beribeedesigns

      March 10, 2016

      Well obviously 8 yr olds know best right?! Haha!

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