Browse Month: March 2017

Tutorial | Adding Pockets

Ever have the perfect pair of pants or shorts that are just missing that one thing every kid wants??  You know what i’m talking about… pockets!   Pockets are a simple thing to add, especially with pants that have a side seam.  Today i’m going to use the Elliedactyl 10k Joggers as my example but you can adapt the same instructions to other patterns as well.

Start out by cutting your pattern pieces out and then set aside the back, we don’t need those until later.

Take your front pieces and make a mark about 3.5″ from the side edge and about 4.5″ from the top edge.  Then cut a curve to connect the marks cutting out your pocket opening. This is a size 2 pair of joggers, so keep in mind the larger pants your making the bigger you will need to make the opening, so this is just a guideline.


Now we make the pocket piece.  Using the piece you just cut out as a guide lay it on your fabric and draw your new pocket.



Cut two bands 1.5″ wide and about 1-1.5″ shorter than your pocket opening.


Press wrong sides together matching long sides and stitch to pocket opening.


Lay your pocket lining piece right side to the wrong side of your pants piece. Stitch along the edge of the lining to attach.  I used a coverstitch but you can just use a straight stitch or zig zag, whatever your preference is.


Press the pocket binding flat and continue with the instructions for your pants as written. Be careful to make sure the binding stays pressed seam down.



Like the pattern I used?  Its a FREE pattern, all you have to do is join the Elliedactyl group on Facebook (HERE)  and you’ll find a discount code!

Tutorial | Knit Drawstring for Just Pennies a Yard 

It seems like every time I turn around I find myself falling in love with a pattern that needs a drawstring, or a hood string and while I could just cut a strip of the fabric I’m working with it’s so nice to have a few neutral (or custom) colors on hand ready to go.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you could make over 30 yards for under $5??  Keep reading…

I picked up a few t-shirts from the local big box for I think $4.88 each.  You could also easily recycle a few used shirts from hubbys closet or Goodwill/Salvation Army. The key is to make sure they DO NOT have a side seam.

Lay it out and cut off the top from arm to arm leaving you with a big tube.

Starting with the raw edge, line up your ruler so taht it’s at an angle going from zero to 3/4″ (if you want thicker string you can increase the ending amount but that’s my preferred size).

Make the first cut so that your left with this uneven tail.

Now rotate the fabric so that the tail moves to the right and line up your ruler to cut along 3/4″ from the edge.  You won’t angle it again, just the first cut.  Now as you go it will be like peeling an apple in a spiral.  (Best description I have sorry! Haha!)

You just keep cutting and rotating until you get to the end.

Go through the whole strand and give it a little pull/stretch and you’ll see the edges curl in and your left with perfect drawstring for your next project.  No seams, so you can just cut the length you neeed every time!  I keep mine wrapped in a card for easy storage.

Now there’s no excuse to leave the drawstring out of those cute shorts on your list!