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Blog Tour | One Thimble Issue 14

I can’t believe its already time for a new One Thimble issue!!  Seems like just yesterday I shared Issue 13 (maybe because it was one of the last few posts i’ve written… man that was a long holiday break, huh? sorry!)
I feel like I say it every issue but Jen and the contributors really knocked it out of the park!  Inside of Issue 14 you’ll find 10 full patterns, 6  awesome tutorials, 4 cool techniques to try, articles about your handmade business and a partridge in a pear tree… haha just kidding about the partridge but the rest is no joke!   OH… and if you get your issue before 2/13, you’ll get an early bird bonus!

These issues are so chalk full of information that printing them would be insanely expensive, so One Thimble is neatly packed into an E-Zine that you can easily swipe/scroll through on your table or pc and the patterns are all provided in PDF form so you can just print what you need.  It’s GENIUS!  and it keeps the price at only $25 AUD (for us girls in the US its under $20!!)

I’m dying to try the fabric covered snaps, and make a belt… do you know how hard it is to find toddler belts???
I whipped up the romper from Thread Faction for my little guy and seriously I see about 100 more of these for our summer months!   I had planned a tee under it but he had a mind of his own this morning so we went with it… SO. IN. LOVE.
I used an organic cotton interlock from Birch Fabrics, it was the perfect weight and so soft!  I also found some vintage buttons in the stash from my grandmother that were exactly what it needed.  These straps are non-functioning, but really easy to get on/off.  This goes from a 2T to 10 so I might try to convince miss opinionated 9 to try one too, if i’m lucky, lol
I also made one of the Hottie Covers.  I thought i’d move away from my norm and try this piecing, its so fun!! I’d have to say I think he likes it.  AND If you’re thinking to yourself, “We don’t even own a hot water bottle for that”…  never fear, I have a solution that i’ll be sharing later this week!
I used some knit scraps that were laying around and fleece but this would also be a great project to upcycle some old sweaters.



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Blog Tour – One Thimble E-zine Issue #12

Can you believe its that time again already??  The newest issue of One Thimble has hit the virtual stands and its amazing! (as if we had any doubts, right?!)


I have a few things i’ve been making from this and i’m going to share one of them today.   I was in a little fender bender this weekend and its slowed my sewing down a little so I do apologize.  Stay tuned for this sweet little number still to come!!


But while you wait, I have been dying to share these pictures of the Thread Faction #111 Dress.  I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure this is my first Thread Faction pattern and all I can say is WOW!   I really love the simplicity of the #111 dress.  Oh and don’t let the word simplicity fool you though… there is nothing plain about this dress.  I can see endless possibilities to add your own twist or style to it, making it so super special.


Here in the midwest we have hot fall weather pretty frequently, so I moved on from bright summer colors and paired up this gorgeous geometric fox print (from Sweet N Charmed Fabrics) with a drape-y tan slub knit.   We are loving it for back to school and it will be perfect as it cools down too, layered with long sleeves and leggings.


The pattern comes in sizes 2-10 and features a fully lined bodice.  Its a great pattern for intermediate beginners who already have some basic sewing skills.  The skirt is actually gathered with clear elastic which is a great technique to learn if you haven’t tried it before.


Afraid to commit to the whole magazine?  You could always just buy single patterns but lets do some math…. The Thread Faction dress i’ve shared today is $8.00 … the other patterns range from $6-$15 and include everything from accessories to a woman’s skirt.   For $25 you get 10 … yes TEN patterns, plus over 20 articles with tons of tips and tricks of the trade.  No brainer right?!?!    Or you could go ahead and just buy the 3 or so you want and spend $30… your choice! 😉


So go check it out, find some amazing inspiration and come back and share what you loved.   Leave a comment with your favorite pattern for a chance to win a free yard of fabric from my stash!

Also don’t forget to follow along the rest of our tour for more lovely items from this issue!

And just to leave you with one final shot… it wouldn’t be a photo shoot with this crazy girl if we didn’t have at least one wackadoodle pose, haha!
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The Statement Clutch – One Thimble Issue No. 9

Happy Monday!!  Welcome to my little stop on the One Thimble Tour.

Today we’re celebrating Issue No. 9  PLUS One Thimble’s 2nd Birthday!!  So excited for Jen and the team at OT.

Cover One Thimble Issue 9 high res

If you haven’t checked out this fabulous E-zine yet, you have seriously missed 8 amazing issues and 100’s of patterns.   In the past i’ve been lucky enough to review the full magazine, but this time (with a crazy home life) I decided to just preview one pattern.  Don’t worry, I’m picking up my own copy too because there are some crazy cute things that I’m dying to sew up this issue.  Want to win your own FREE copy??  Don’t miss the giveaway at the end!!

This issue I decided to check out The Statement Clutch from Two Pretty Poppets because honestly, a girl can never have too many bags, and i’m in the midst of deciding on teacher gifts for the holidays.  Hello…. this is PERFECT!


The pattern comes in 3 sizes, what you see here is the small.


This is the perfect size for a bag to keep in my bigger purse for those quick trips, or for just a day out by myself.  Can you tell we are hitting winter in the midwest… I can’t leave home without nose wipes, haha!

IMG_7419 copy

Now for those looking at this lovely lace overlay saying, “That had to have taken so much time” you’re wrong!  I even admit, I was thinking that as I looked at fabric options, thinking what could I use so I didn’t need to add the overlay, lol!   I decided to go with it though and the extra 2 minutes that it took (yes, thats really all it was)  to freehand quilt some crazy waves (cause really who has time to make a neat even pattern??) was totally worth it.  It gives it such a gorgeous finish.

There is also a recommendation of when to attach your tag if your putting one on, but rather than the back as suggested, I went with a smaller tag in the side seam.  Mostly I wanted to use these cute tiny tags I got recently.


This is also great for those fabrics that you are down to your last 1/2 yard or fat quarter scrap.  I went with these awesome Spotted Owls from Alexander Henry, and Elegant Ovals from Art Gallery.  Both of which have been in my stash for years waiting for just the right project.

Ok, so I know I promised we were giving away a free copy of Issue No 9… here is your chance!!


Cover One Thimble Issue 9 high res

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A Glimpse into One Thimble e-zine Issue 8 – The Fedora

What is the One Thimble E-zine  you ask?  It is the most amazing magazine, filled with patterns, tutorials and articles.  And its a phenomenal value, at $25 you will get 12, yes TWELVE patterns (including this lovely Fedora) plus all the fabulous articles that have some great tips and information.


This girl LOVES hats!  I had originally printed this out thinking it would be for my little man but when she saw what I was working on she put in her special request.  And lets be honest, as she gets older and wants less and less mom-made stuff, I will never say no when she asks (well, within reason maybe… haha!)


The Fedora from Fat Red Bird Designs is truly awesome!  It was a VERY quick sew, with simple, easy to follow directions.  Its also available in youth and adult sizes so one pattern covers everyone in the family.  (yes, that means little guy is still getting one soon!)


I’ll be honest, even I can make a mistake and i’m ALWAYS the first to point them out (when really most people never notice) but this one I want to share since I want to be sure you know you’re finished hat should look a tad different. Notice that seam down the middle of the front?  oops!!  That was supposed to be on the side.  I didn’t notice until I was almost finished and really had reached a point of no return, SO I went with it as is.  She still loves it and that’s what matters right?


I did want to add a band but since its reversible I didn’t really want any stitch marks, and I didn’t think to add anything before I finished so here’s a quick tip.  I took some coordinating fold over elastic, cut it about 1″ shorter than the perimeter of the hat and stitched it together making a circle.  I used it matte side up and put it around.  Its got just enough tension to not go anywhere, but not enough to make it pucker or cinch in.  AND now I have the perfect place to clip on a flower (such as these gorgeous felt wool ones also listed in this issue)


Now how about a giveaway???  Want a chance to win Issue 8 FREE! (or a refund if you’ve already purchased)  Click here ENTER!! 

Be sure to follow along on the rest of our tour to see some of the other items in this issue.

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